Kodak Scan Station 710 (1877398)

6 599.09 


Seamless connector. Project archiver. Instant messenger. Exceptional performer. With capabilities like these, the KODAK Scan Station 710 has more functionality than youd ever expect. And with its intuitive touchscreen, simple network setup, and robust remote management, it can give you an edge right out of the box. Which means the KODAK Scan Station 710 is more than a scanner. Its your new information manager.

User-Friendly Experience

Combine our bright, easy-to-navigate touchscreen, intuitive user controls, and administrator controlled functionality for a user experience that promises fewer mistakes and faster proficiency without the distraction of a separate PC. And Scan Stations quiet operation makes it office friendly.

Simple and Robust Remote Management

If you have many networked Scan Stations throughout your business, a system administrator can efficiently configure and maintain these devices on your network from one place.

Information Management Made Easy

With increased ease of operation and improved file naming and security features, scanned content can be classified, organized, and searched by ad hoc users with minimal training while maintaining the degree of accessibility and security youve established.

More than Scanning, Doing

The Scan Station 710 turns documents into actionable information. It connects directly to your network to make capturing information to your business processes and applications fast and easy. You can also send digital files to multiple destinations.

Kodak Scan Station 710 (1877398) 6599,09 PLN


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